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TMS® Tailor Made Screen

TMS® is a Registered Technology and exclusive to the Fotograv® Group.

• Customized crosshairs for the customer, dots designed for your process!

• Technology that allows the printing of smooth gradients with zero termination and increased linescreen!

• New screenings for printing solids with better coverage and higher densities;

• Technology based on know-how developed with FG100® technology;

• TMS® Calculator APP;

• Development, support and certification of Grupo Fotograv®.

The main features and benefits of  TMS® :

• Screens developed exclusively for each customer;

• Increased lineage;

• Smoother zero-terminated gradients;

• Solids with higher densities and more uniform coverage;

• Compatible with the best photopolymers available on the market;

• Fotograv technical support in implementing the technology;

• No investment required in printer setup;

• Conversion of gravure work to flexography with gains in quality, flexibility and productivity;

• Higher print speeds;

• Reduced setup times;

• Fast and easy implementation.

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