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One of the greatest challenges for Brand Owners is undoubtedly the variation in the color of the Brand, coupled with this, we at Fotograv® Group seek to identify the variables among the various converters and optimize the Pre-Print stage, aiming to linearize the parameters of each as much as possible. converter so that the differences in the POS (Point of Sale) are as small as possible, thus adding greater confidence to the final consumer regarding the product they are buying.

Always thinking about cost optimization and graphic production, we also focus on:

• Technical feasibility of work  complex and/or difficult to reproduce;

• Construction or reconstruction of images;

• Image treatment;

• Approved color proofs, on paper  and on the print substrate;

• Package mockup;

• Preparation of files for printing;

• Online approval;

• Online job tracking  (Web Center);

• Monitoring in machine;

• Secure file backup.

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